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Artistex an Odete DaSilva Salon & Spa 190 Main Street Westport, CT 203-222-0344

Artistex an Odete DaSilva Salon & Spa was opened by Odete DaSilva a master colorist for 23 years and a Goldwell USA Academy Artist. Odete is part of an elite group of colorists that represent Goldwell USA an international hair color company. She is responsible for bringing the newest of hair trends, inspiration, creative techniques and color knowledge to stylists & salons threw out the northeast, from New York to Boston. Odete believes her knowledge, approach and understanding of color and the chemistry behind it, makes it her responsibility to share it with other stylists, making it her contribution to her industry.


Odete opened her Salon & Spa to provide clients a comfortable, friendly, professional atmosphere and where they would find a knowledgeable staff of professionals providing the best in their skill and products. It’s a smaller venue but certainly not small in talent. Each area of service is staffed with the most knowledgeable technicians in their profession. The salon area is known for color as its Odete’s primary focus but also has stylists specializing in straightening services, haircut and style services. The spa consists of natural nail and skin care services specializing in treatment based facials to correct various skin conditions. A practice that believes treating and correcting the skin is more important than layering of masks and creams. The facials certainly involve all the extras while focus remains on healthy youthful skin results. The professional creativity doesn’t stop there as the nail art is a canvas of artistry specializing in natural nail services. Artistex an Odete DaSilva Salon & Spa may be a smaller venue with a personable style but the level of skill, professionalism, knowledge & creativity is truly immeasurable.

  Artistex an Odete DaSilva Salon & Spa

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