Sanitation Practices


Daily Sanitation Practices

With the growing concerns for our health and safety being taken into consideration all over the world, and now locally, we would like to inform all of our clients of our current sanitation practices, additional precautionary methods we are implementing, and the impact that work place and school closing will temporarily have on our business operations.

The cleanliness of our store is always a top priority for us that we take very seriously! Now more than ever it is important that we all do our best to participate ensuring the health of our community, and to help any virus from spreading. This will also prevent over whelming our health care providers and health care facilities. In addition to our regular daily cleaning procedures, increased sanitization measures are being added as a precautionary method. 

The following is currently practiced daily and much has always been part of our regular cleaning routine for over 20 years;

Sanitation of Spa Tools (nail/skin)and equipment;

  • Germicide and/or barbicide to wash all spa tools after each individual use.
  • Spa tools after being washed are then sterilized in a UV sterilizer.
  • Sterile spa tools are placed into sealed sterile bags to properly store tools until next use.

Pedicure Bowls are lined with a plastic wrap and disposed of after each individual use. In addition to the use of the sanitation liner, bowls are wiped and sanitized after each use. To reduce any contamination, our pedicure bowls are jet-less and easily removable for sanitation after each use.

Waxing services; waxing applicator sticks individually wrapped or stored in closed containers, are dipped only once into wax pot to prevent contamination and sterilized use of wax.

Salon Tools; Hair Brushes, combs and clips are soaked in a disinfectant to sanitize tools after individual use. Items are dried and stored within a clean drawer for next use. It is important to know that we prohibit the reuse of any brush, comb or clip amongst multiple clients without proper sanitation after each use.

Laundry is done daily on site to limit possibility of contamination from outside sources. Towels, robes, wraps and spa slippers are washed after each individual use.

Glasses/Mugs; We use a dishwasher to clean and sanitize all of our dishware daily. Hand washing of dishware is prohibited. 

Common Surfaces and door handles have always been wiped down regularly. We have taken extra precaution in regards to the cleaning of common surfaces thru the day with a minimum of twice a day. The surfaces include; counters, chairs, door handles, cabinet knobs, product pumps, faucets, any other commonly used surfaces and using a Lysol spray to disinfectant our magazines.

Hand sanitizer is readily available for clients and employee use. In addition, soap has always been and is provided at all washing sinks. Employees are required to always wash hands in between services.

Gloves; gloves are provided for a multitude of services through out the salon and spa. Gloves are used for coloring services, hair washing services of all kinds, keratin services, nail services, waxing services and skin care services. 

Kids Room; Surfaces are wiped down regularly with a disinfectant. Toys are wiped down or sprayed with Lysol disinfectant. We have always cleaned this room daily but during the virus season we will clean after each child use. We ask that you keep sick children home. With schools being closed, we have limited the number of children using the room together, to siblings only and highly encourage the booking of the room in advance at no charge when bringing in children during your services. Prior to each new family using the room we will need time to sanitize the room. We understand this is a popular area for children when visiting with us and appreciate your understanding during this inconvenience to properly prepare the room. 


Latest Update; We are Temporarily Closed Due to the Covid-19 Crisis

 Temporary Business Operations and Precautionary Methods advised by the CDC to be proactive reducing the spread of any virus;

Cash use will be limited during this time. We ask that credit card be used for all purchases. Our wireless credit card system has touch free scan ability. We have always allowed gratuities to be added to credit cards purchases. Credit card gratuities are paid directly to the service provider during weekly payroll. If you prefer to directly deliver gratuities yourself, we encourage you to send gratuities to your service providers using Venmo rather than cash.

Additional Cleaning; As a precautionary measure, the CDC is recommending to close stores and thoroughly clean using bleach type chemicals to clean public facilities. These cleaning agents are uncomfortable and toxic to use during open hours. For the health and safety of our clients and staff we will be closing Monday March 16th to properly and thoroughly clean the entire store. We may repeatedly close on particular Mondays to clean the entire store until the virus season is behind us. Please call ahead for Monday appointments.

Business Hours; We realize while schools are closed and work places are requiring a work from home situation, that it can become more difficult for parents to utilize our regular hours of early morning or late night. We will temporarily have the following business hours during the state of emergency and while schools stay closed. For clients not effected by the school closures we can accommodate early and late appointments upon request. Please do not hesitate to ask for early morning and late evening hours. We would encourage you to come in at your convenience.

  • Sunday 9:00am-4:00pm
  • Monday 9:00am-5:00pm (every other closed for cleaning)
  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday walk-in hours 9:00am-6:00pm, appointment hours 7:00am-8:00pm.
  • Friday and Saturday 8:00am - 6:00pm

Service accommodations; we will do everything possible to accommodate all service requests. We are requiring all staff that are sick to stay home. To respect the comfortability of our staff during this time, we may not have all spa services as immediately available. We suggest booking all spa service appointments in advance and have patience with us as we will do everything we can to accommodate your service request.

We are all mindful of this situation right now. As circumstances continue to change, our goal is, and will continue to be, to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all clients and team members.To help us keep the cleanest and healthiest environment possible, we encourage all clients and team members to stay home when not feeling well. Get plenty of rest and practice healthy diets to keep a healthy immune system.

We hope this message gives peace of mind while visiting with us that we are taking every precaution to ensure we all stay healthy and do our part to keep our community healthy. Wishing everyone great health and don't forget to use hand moisturizer in between washing your hands 1000+ times a day! ;)