Spa Benefits and Services


Spa Lounging Benefits

In our busy lives of work, community and raising our children it becomes stressful. We believe just a few moments of meditation and relaxation can center your core to continue on with life's expectations while staying healthier. A healthy mind is a health body. Enjoy hypoallergenic White Aspen Sauna's, Steam Showers and Meditation within our new spa before or after your spa treatments. 

Spa Treatments

Partnering with PCA Skincare you will enjoy both a relaxation treatment or with PCA medical grade facial peels offering real solutions to regular skin care concerns such as aging and acne.

Massage services to include Custom Massage, Hot Stone, Himalayen Salt and Bamboo Massage treatments.

In addition to offering our Express Manicure & Pedicure  Services. Enjoy a Spa Pedicure and Reflexology Service to rebalance the hardest working part of your body. We often ignore are tired feet and forget that our feet often times bare the burden of taking us through our busy day. Healthy feet means a healthy back, neck and legs.

Spa Promotions & Pricing...a moment of truth

We will offer a full menu of Spa Services & Lounging Services that we will continue to expand over the next year and as the technologies of skin and body treatments advance. In our current location this had not been possible to offer you without the adequate space and therefore we compensated with heavy promotional pricing. Although we will not offer our very low promotional pricing as we have done in the past, our regular pricing will not increase. There may be new offerings and we will keep some of our express services just without the heavy discounting. We hope you understand and continue to enjoy your services with us. We are certain you will enjoy and appreciate our new facility and services. We are very excited for you to experience it! we open we do want to make it super easy for you to experience our new facility and we have put the following offers together to be pre-purchased through the Holiday Weekend and redeemed once we open in the next few weeks! Purchase as many as you like for family, friends and yourself!!! They make a great holiday gift!


Purchase any service below for only $50 and enjoy Spa Longing Benefits in our new spa facility!

60min Spa Facial

30min Massage

90min Spa Pedicure & Spa Manicure

Receive a $25 Gift Card bonus with every $100 Gift Card purchase.Limited time and item amount offer. Artistex Gift Card can be used for any service or product like cash. Gift Cards will NEVER expire and come wrapped in a gift card box. We will mail to you or you can pick up at our new location. Makes a great holiday gift! 


Click here to Purchase Certificates & Gift Cards

FAQ's about Promotional Certificates

How can I purchase these certificates?

On our website starting Midnight of Black Friday November 23 until Sunday November 25.

How many can I purchase?

As many as you like for family, friends and yourself! Makes a great gift!

Do these certificates expire?

The monetary value of a gift certificate can never expire within the state of Connecticut. When purchasing a promotional certificate the monetary value will never expire, although the promotional service listed on certificate can expire. Should the promotion expire your certificate is still worth the amount originally paid to be used like cash towards services or products. These promotional service certificates expire 1 year after purchase.

Can I pre-book these promotions as I've done in the past to secure my pricing?

We had always done this in the past because within our current facility it was manageable. Since then, it has become very difficult to manage your service cost and ensure that we are giving you your best experience. Going forward we will apply any special pricing or offerings you have using your promotional certificates.

If I have a promotional certificate I purchased from you in your previous location, Can I still use it for the same service in your new location?

YES ABSOLUTELY! Smart Purchase! You can use 1 year beyond the date purchased. If its expired beyond the date purchased, the monetary value originally paid can be used towards services and products.

Will you still have your service sales and discounts?

We will offer introductory offers for our opening. We want to make it super easy for our clients to visit with us and experience our new facility. Take advantage of them while you can! With the costs involved at our new location and the amenities we are offering, we honestly couldn't continue to operate with some of the promotional pricing we have offered in the past. We are sorry! However we have so much more to offer you and have no doubt we will make it up to you enjoying a great service experience!

Will your pricing increase at your new facility?

No! Our original pricing will stay the same and we will still offer some express services. We will be adding new services that are all at different costs. Our original services will still be available at the same price. The only price change will be in the purchase of promotional certificates. We are no longer offering our heavy promotional pricing as we have done in the past but if you still have some be sure to use prior to expiration! It'll be a great value in our new spa!