Covid-19 Temporary Shutdown Info

Artistex Salon & Spa coronavirus stay place shutdown

Thank you for having patience with us as we took some time to quickly prepare our families for this crisis. As of Wednesday March 18th all beauty professional businesses in Westport were mandated to shut down immediately without notice because of Covid-19. Although we completely support this decision to keep ourselves and the community safe, it did not allow us much warning. The mandate came from Westport officials at 11:30am on the 18th. We immediately made our best efforts to contact all of our clients scheduled Thursday and Friday or left messages. We apologize if we were not able to reach you in time and for how this inconvenience may have effected you. We are very hopeful to be allowed to re-open as soon as possible and return to all of our normal lives!

We will be updating our website www,, the Artistex APP, social media @artistexsalonspa and voicemail 203-222-0344 as updates become available.We are checking voice mail and email remotely from home and will try to respond via email within 24-48hrs. When communicating please provide your full name, telephone number and email so we are able to successfully identify you in our system. Below is information that may answer most of your questions. This is a very difficult time for all of us but we believe that that together we can get thru this and be stronger than before! In the mean time please stay safe and well!

Curbside Product Purchases

Thank you to all who participated in our curbside program! This was a very popular service that we would like to continue in our future business practices. It is very convenient for our customers and ensures that our customers are purchasing the best products to support their services. Look out for announcements made on all of our communication platforms, if curbside will be available on particular days to purchase your necessary products while on home stay. 


How to use CURBSIDE;

  • Purchase your products on our website and select pickup as your method of delivery.
  • Email us ARTISTEXSALON@OPTONLINE.NET to schedule a pickup during the days and hours listed on our website, Artistex APP or client emails.
  • Pick up your products at the scheduled time.

Please be advised that we are not open for regular business. Products can only be pickup that are first purchased on our website. If you miss your scheduled pickup time, we will contact you for shipping options or you can pickup your product on the next curbside date available. We will not be available without a scheduled pickup time please do not arrive without an appointment time for curbside. Thank you for understanding!

Purchased Certificates and Service Packages purchased from website, print directly from the website. Artistex APP purchases save directly to your Artistex APP. The APP also emails a copy of certificate and package purchases. A pickup is not required.

Business Re-opening Info

Due to the local and now state mandated shutdown of beauty professional businesses, we no longer have an organized date to re-open for regular business. For the safety of our community and our employees, all salon & spa businesses can not open for business without first the state and then the local government lifting the mandates. As soon as we are able we will open immediately. We have already prepared having the facility once again sanitized the very next day on the 19th to prevent further delay. 


All memberships going forward have been canceled as of March 18th, 2020. Once we are open for regular business, new memberships can start again with new start dates. Any membership with benefits or time left in partial months etc, because of the march 18h cancelation will be carried over for use for the month we re-open.  

Packages & Certificates

Packages and certificates purchased at a promotional price with expiration date of March 18, 2020 or later, will be extended at the minimum for the duration of the temporary shutdown. Gift Cards and certificates with monetary values do not expire. 

Currently Scheduled Appointments

For those that currently have a scheduled appointment, our booking system will automatically send you a confirmation as its set up to do. Please disregard if this date is prior to our previously scheduled re-opening date of April 3rd. We have already contacted you or left you a message about having to reschedule the appointment. If your appointment is scheduled for April 3rd or later and the shutdown mandate has not been lifted, we will be contacting you closer to that date to reschedule. 

Booking Appointments Online

At this time we do not have a re-open date for online appointment to be available for scheduling. Our online booking system is open for scheduling into May 2020. You are welcome to beat the rush later and book online but we can not guarantee that the shutdown mandate will be lifted so that we may re-open and therefore may not be able to guarantee the availability.  

House Calls

Unfortunately to best protect everyone including our clients, the Artistex team and their families we will not be making house calls at this time. Some of our team member have extremely vulnerable relatives living at home and can not take this risk. We understand this is a popular request and we do sincerely apologize for not being able to accomodate at this time. 

Stay Informed

We will send an email as necessary to update and for special opportunities to purchase promotional certificates during the temporary shutdown. For the best way to purchase certificates, learn the latest tips and stay connected, please download our Artistex APP for free. Available on Apple Store, Google Play Store and Amazon.

Our Website will be updated with the most detailed information we have available about openings, promotional purchases during the shutdown and our sanitation practices.

Look for our posts on Facebook Artistex Salon & Spa and Instagram @artistexsalonspa about updates, promotions and fun tips while we are all home

Sanitation Practices

Visit our Sanitation Practices page to learn our current sanitation practices and since the Covid-19 threat. Learn the new sanitation practices we have since implemented.